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 Catalina Segway Tours

Our Catalina Island Segway Tours are the most fun way to explore Avalon and we also impart historical knowledge of Catalina. You will have fond memories of an experience and excursion unlike any other. You will receive superb personal service from your guide while you explore the town of Avalon in an easy, effortless way.

All of our Catalina Island Segway Tours start, with a brief training session at the Tour Plaza in the center of Avalon, where each guest is also equipped with a communication device so they will be in contact with their tour guide at all times during their tour.

Daily Tours
These tours may be reserved online with a minimum of 1 day notice
We offer 3 Daily Tours:
Segway Avalon Scenic TourSegway Hogsback Tour 

1½ Hr. Avalon Scenic Tour
See our Segway Avalon Scenic Page for full details






1½ Hr. Segway Hogsback Tour
See our Segway Hogsback Tour page for full details.








3 Day Advance Tours
These tours may be reserved online with a minimum of 3 day advance notice

2½ Hr. Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden Segway Tour
See our Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Garden Segway Tour page for full details








1½ to 2 Hr. Off-Road XT Adventure Tour
See our Off-Road XT Adventure Tour page for full details.