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Land and Water Tours

We are pleased to offer online bookings for tours provided by Discovery Tours.  We offer links to both Land Tours and Water Tours.  Discovery Tours have been the standard for Catalina Island Tours for many years have Classic Tours like the Glass Bottom Boat and Skyline Drive and also have newer adventures like the Zip Line Eco Tour and the Undersea Expedition.

Land Tours

Zip Line Eco Tour

Catalina Island Eco Zip Line TourDesigned to take your breath away, the Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour takes riders from an elevation of 500 feet at Hog’s Back Gate, through five “zips,” ending 60 feet above sea level at Descanso Beach. Zip segments up to 1,045 long and each ends at a platform where you will get information on what it is you’re zipping past. Tours begin and end at Descanso Beach Zip LIne Tour Center. Reservations Recommended. | 2 Hours 

See Details and waiver on Zip Line Eco Tour page


Skyline Drive Tour

This exciting, narrated journey along the scenic “Skyline Drive” takes you ten miles into Santa Catalina Island’s protected wilderness area on a 1950’s Flxible Bus. Along the trip you’ll see spectacular vistas, deep canyons, quiet coves and an endless blue ocean. Keep your eyes open for the island’s largest inhabitant, buffalo, before you visit the Catalina Nature Center at the Airport in the Sky. The airport’s DC-3 Grill offers a quick bite and famous “killer cookies.” Bring your camera because picture-perfect scenes fill the entire tour. Advance reservations are recommended. *Roads are windy, dusty and rugged.| 2 Hours 15 Minutes


Avalon Scenic Tour

Rediscover the enchantment of Avalon on this delightful journey along the beachfront, up the hillsides, and through the heart of this friendly and historic town. This tour always receives the highest ratings for customer satisfaction in our visitor surveys. You’ll see picture-perfect views and colorful local attractions as your guide shares interesting Catalina Island history and folklore from the comfort of our passenger vehicle. This seven-and-a-half mile journey provides a comprehensive history of Santa Catalina Island’s only city, Avalon. Don’t forget your camera. Advance reservations are recommended..| 50 Minutes


Water Tours

Undersea Expedition

Come face-to-face with Catalina’s abundant marine life by cruising five feet under water in a spacious, climate-controlled cabin. Every passenger has their own seat and port hole plus you’re free to roam about the cabin seeking other viewpoints.

You’ll see an incredible array of undersea dwellers: bright orange garibaldi, spotted calico bass, urchins, rockfish and bat rays, just to name a few. This is more than a tour; it’s an undersea adventure. | 45 Minutes

See Details on Undersea Expedition Page

Ocean Runner – Fun For the Everyone

This adventurous tour goes out into the Catalina Channel on a speedy Ribcraft for an exhilarating ocean experience! While taking an adrenaline-charged ride in the ocean, there’s a chance to see fun-loving dolphins and sea lions that live and play along the coast of the island. Experience the thrill of watching these incredible creatures in their natural environment on a guided tour that accommodates up to 12 guests using a high-speed, rigid inflatable boat, with 500 horsepower.  | 60 Minutes



Glass Bottom Boat Voyage

Santa Catalina Island is famous for crystal clear water and glass bottom boats—a perfect combination for fun and discovery. These large, comfortable vessels bring the undersea world right to you. Night trips are available for charter with advanced reservations. During the trip you’ll visit Lover’s Cove Marine Preserve, where colorful fish and marine plants thrive among the kelp forests. Advance reservations are required for groups and recommended for individuals | 40 Minutes