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Inland Expedition - Catalina Island
1 Feb

Inland Expedition

This comprehensive tour takes you 31 miles through Catalina's rugged interior. You will have the opportunity to look for bald eagles, bison, and mule deer. ...

East End Adventure - Catalina Island
1 Feb

East End Adventure

Get an intimate feel for Catalina’s unique topography on this off-road adventure around rugged canyons that open to vast ocean horizons. ...

Skyline Drive Tour - Catalina Island
9 Dec

Skyline Drive Tour

This exciting, narrated journey along the scenic "Skyline Drive" takes you ten miles into Catalina Island's protected wilderness area on a 1950's Flexible Bus. ...

Undersea Expedition - Catalina Island
9 Dec

Undersea Expedition

Come face-to-face with Catalina’s abundant marine life by cruising five feet under water in a spacious, climate-controlled cabin in an undersea adventure! ...